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Means of Production is a leftist production, and content distribution cooperative.

Many of us are formerly private sector workers who feel disillusioned from our experiences there and are looking to do more meaningful work that aligns with our anti-capitalist values.

Below are our guiding principles as an organization…

1. Means of Production is to be a cooperatively owned organization that exists to serve the need for high-end production, and independent content distribution in the labor and socialist movement more broadly. It’s purpose is not to enrich a select few.

2. Means will not do any work that directly makes for-profit corporations money, nor will we rehabilitate their public image. 

3. Means serves youth leftist movements and labor firstly. 

4. In hiring at all levels, we exclusively work with those who already have an anti-capitalist, socialist politics. If hard pressed, we choose people who we believe are close to being radicalized from a more liberal/soc dem politics.

5. In hiring at all levels, we look for individuals of varying socio-economic background and perspective. We also look for people that have been cut out of the traditional production industry.

6. At no level does Means of Production tolerate disrespect for people in our community or membership. Things like sexual harassment, assault, purposeful misgendering, or other forms of inappropriate behavior will result in a triggering of the Means harassment policy or if necessary, democratic expulsion from the cooperative. We will strive to maintain a commitment to the principles of restorative justice within our organization while also putting victims safety first.

7. Women are often talked over in meetings, given the majority of work to do, forced to take notes, or have their ideas taken and used without being credited. We ask that all the men we work with conduct themselves appropriately in regards to treating women with respect and as equals. Continued thoughtlessness or inappropriate behavior may result in warnings or democratic expulsion from the co-operative.

8. We will not take on projects that don’t allow us to pay contractors or our staff fairly for their time. In addition to that, we work to refrain from taking projects that have unwieldy deadlines or require potentially dangerous working conditions.

9. For every (6) hours worked by a member of the co-operative, they will be compensated for an additional half hour of community organizing work at $15/HR. If it is found that the individual is not involved in any organizing outside of work, that money should be refunded for the period it was offered in good faith.

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As we continue down the cooperative building process working with partner organizations, we will be sharing updates in the form of blog posts here on our site for those who are interested.

We will also be making our bylaws publicly available.

Please look back here for updates and feel free to reach out via the CONTACT page with any questions.


We’ve spent the last few months meeting dozens of kind, helpful people within the cooperative economy movement who are helping us make progress. We’re extremely thankful to all those people.

We’re proud to share we’re now members of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) with a “startup cooperative” status as we get together more thorough cooperative bylaws and get firing on all cylinders. We’ve found it to be a long, laborious process getting a coop up and running.

Nonetheless, we’ve made immense progress and are determined to build a cooperative structure that young creatives around the country can tap into to create anti-capitalist propaganda and entertainment.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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Currently under development.

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MEANS works with leftist entertainers to create mutually profitable media that is accessible to audiences. We also offer a unique platform centered around providing audiences with ideologically charged, post-capitalist entertainment.

Unlike large film or television distribution companies, we take a significantly smaller share in profit from content, ensuring entertainers are compensated fairly for their work and reassuring their audience that they are directly funding the person they care about.


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